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Thursday 3 June 2010

Sunset Colours

Just look at these colours... this is the scene I managed to snap yesterday while admiring the sunset from my kitchen terrace.
I definitely had to share it with you.

Guardate un po' questi colori... questa è la scena che si è presentata ieri dal mio terrazzo al tramonto mentre mi rilassavo a guardare il sole che spariva dietro le case.
Dovevo condivider questa foto con voi .


Doreen said...

Oh what a beautiful scene Sue! That you managed to capture it on camera is great, you should enter this in a competition.
I love the silhouette effect and the reddish clouds are amazing!
Well done!
Thanks for sharing : )

Suki said...

God is such an amazing painter!

Suki said...

And by the way I love your new stylish background!

Sue said...

@ Doreen
Doreen, thank you for appreciating.
I would love to enter in Photographic contests if only I had a very good camera. Thank you anyway.

@ Zen
Yes, Zen, God's palette has the most beautiful colours and no artist can compare with His hand.
Thanks for leaving me your comment.

Cinzia said...

Wonderful, Sue!

Amber said...

How beautiful!! Give yourself a pat on the back for taking such a great picture! LOVE IT!!!

Loree said...

Sunsets are always so very beautiful and calming. I think it's my favourite time of day.

Leola - Southshoreartist said...

You have an artist's eye...Well done :)


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