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Friday 16 July 2010

Weekend Shadows

In these days I haven't had much time to go hunting shadows for my weekly shadow picture even because of the terrible heatwave we are having. I didn't feel like going out and about looking for shadows in this hot weather but I still managed to capture this shadow in my kitchen. I think the curtains cast a nice shadow on my kitchen cupboards!
I hope to post a better shadow picture next weekend!

In questi giorni non ho trovato tempo di andare in cerca di ombre per la mia foto settimanale anche per la terribile ondata di caldo. Non mi sono sentita di andare in giro in caccia di ombre in questo caldo ma sono riuscita a scattare questa foto nella mia cucina. Penso che l'ombra creata, dalle tendine, sull'armadio è anche carina!
Spero di pubblicare una foto migliore per il prossimo fine settimana!


Loree said...

There's heat everywhere it seems. Does getting older make it seem worse because I seem to remember that we would have cool days some summers over here but we never get any anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Sue, for your sweet comments!

Suki said...

@ Loree - I keep on asking the same question as you do. Are we becoming intolerant to heat as we get older? Didn't we have heatwaves before? We never felt the need to have air conditioners when we were young but nowadays it's not considered a luxury to own one. Or is the heat becoming worse due to global warming?

Sue said...

@ Loree and Zen, I agree with you, we never felt the need for fans and Aircondition when we were little but I don't think it's a matter of age , I agree with Zen it must be because of the global warming.
I hope it will cool down a little very soon.

tania said...

ho scoperto oggi il tuo blog e sono sicura di tornarci molto frequentemente ci sono cose bellissime!!


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