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Thursday 30 September 2010

Childhood Memories !

Front cover - Copertina

Everytime I go back home to Malta I can't help searching for some of the things I used to play with when I was a little girl. I love going through old family photos and looking up old story books that used to belong to me and my sister. On these visits I often pick  an old game or a nursery book to take home with me to Italy... fortunately my mother hasn't thrown any of them away yet. Here is one of these childhood treasures. This Nursery Rhyme book dates back to 1951, well that's the date written inside, but it must have gone in printing much earlier than that. I had chosen this book to show to my daughter some years ago and she fell in love with the illustrations. Here are a few pictures of some of its pages.

Ogni volta che ritorno a casa a Malta non posso fare a meno di cercare vecchi giochi appartenuti a me e mia sorella da piccoli. Amo guardare le vecchie foto di famiglia e sbirciare tra le pagine ingiallite dei vecchi libri di favole. Ogni volta che faccio ritorno ai miei origini scelgo spesso un gioco o un libro da portare a casa con me qui in Italia. Fortunatamente  mia mamma conserva ancora tutti i nostri libri. Questo libro di filastrocche porta una data scritta all' interno...1951 ma penso che l'anno della prima stampa fosse ancora più vecchio. Avevo scelto questo libro da mostrare a mia figlia e lei si è innamorata delle illustrazioni. Ecco alcune foto.

Detail - Dettaglio

Detail - Dettaglio


vanda said...

bellissime illustrazioni e' tuffo all'infanzia ma sempre piacevoli,baci Vanda

Loree said...

I love old books. I too like to find my old treasures at my parents' house.

Sue said...

@ Vanda
c'è ancora quella piccola bambina dentro di me...haha!

Doreen said...

I don't quite recall this book, only a vague memory of it, now where oh where did you find it : )
Yes I know Mum still has many of our childhood books.

Sue said...

@ Doreen.
Sis do you remember dad's photographer friend? He had given us this book and some others because his kids were too grown up for them. Well that's what I remember about this one.
It is very old and I made a search among Vintage nursery rhyme books but haven't found any exactly like it. I suppose it has a value for collectors... but Sara won't part with it.

HDMac said...

I, too, love the old books we had in our youth..... I want "Brer Rabbit" books.... I loved them as a child. :)


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