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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Blogging Day to Free Rossella Urru --- Blogging Day per Liberare Rossella Urru

I am joining other Bloggers in this plea to ask for Rossella's freedom. If you read this and would like to join please copy this post to your blog . Thank you!

Rossella Urru is a sardinian girl who worked for the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP) and who has been kidnapped in Algeria more then 4 months ago, on the 22nd of October 2011, by the Islamic Group Jamat Tawhid Wal Jihad Fi Garbi Afriqqiya (Monotheist Movement for the Jihad in Western Africa). Rossella was taken inside the refugee camp of Hassi Rabudni, near Tindouf, together with two Spanish co-workers Ainhoa Fernandez de Rincon and Enric Gonyalons. On the 12th December 2011 a video was released providing somehow proof of them being still alive. Since that time no more news have been given to her family and silence seems to have shrouded the matter.
If you wish to help with this plea add your blog link by leaving a comment and your link here.
Thank you!

Aderisco al blogging day a favore della liberazione di Rossella Urru.
Il silenzio dei media è davvero scandaloso, così sta a noi cittadini italiani, diffondere l'appello per la liberazione di Rossella Operatrice di Pace ed Umanità e per gli altri nove italiani in mano ai terroristi in questo momento.
Spero che il governo si impegni seriamente per la liberazione di questi straordinari connazionali.
In un paese dove fa più notizia la farfallina di chiedo di diffondere il più possibile questo appello anche nei vostri blog!
Se volete aderire a questo appello fate un copia incolla sul vostro blog e poi lasciate il vostro commento con il vostro bloglink qui.
Grazie di cuore.


Loree said...

I probably am living on a nother planet because I had no idea about the kidnapping. What a shame.

Sue said...

Loree, unfortunately the Italian TV and the government are not doing much as regards to this kidnapping, so many Italian citizens are trying to do something on the web to move things.


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