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Monday 26 March 2012

Spring in a sad garden - Primavera in un giardino triste.

The garden that surrounds the block of flats I live in is not one of those beautiful gardens where lots of colourful flowers  grow but simply a sad garden with nearly no flowers at all  and only a few trees and bushes, nevertheless  Spring has arrived in our garden as in all the others and by no doubt left it's delicate and magical touch.
I took these pictures from my first floor window and had to zoom in , so that explains why they don't look so good .

Il giardino che circonda la palazzina dove vivo non è uno di quei  bei giardini dove crescono tanti fiori colorati ma un giardino semplice e triste, quasi privo di fiori con soltanto alcuni alberi e qualche cespuglio, ma intanto la primavera è arrivata anche nel nostro giardino  come in tutti gli altri e senza dubbio ha lasciato il suo tocco magico e delicato.
Ho scattato le foto da una delle mie finestre sul primo piano e ho zoomato, questo spiegha perchè le foto non sono molto nitidi.


Cinzia said...

I fiori rallegrano sempre un giardino...specie ora che ci son tanti fiori e colori...

Doreen said...

A sad garden you said Sue? I'll take that garden anytime...I wish I had a quarter of those lovely and delicate flowers right outside my door and what about those tree trunks? Honestly Sue you are lucky to have some garden space, over here I can't even grow any flowers in our balconies or roof! The sun scorches everything! Well done for the great photos : )

Loree said...

You can still tell that spring is making changes. I have left you an award on my blog.

Marina said...

Questi fiori comunque fanno allegria con i suoi colori allegri e vivaci.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue~

I see "Spring" in that Sad Garden. The Forsythia is blooming and if I'm not mistaken the other shrub is a Flowering Almond. We used to have the Flowering Almond's along the top of our hill in the backyard years ago.

I've got an idea for you to spruce up that "Sad Garden."

You can make more Forsythia shrubs by taking the branches and just make a small hole in the ground and push the branch in and it will root..that way you could have lots of Forsythia's to fill in all those empty spaces!

I guess it's the gardener in me coming out again...LOL!

Take Care and Happy Spring..Hugs~ Joann

Sue said...

Thanks Joann, I appreciate your garden tips but unfortunately we cannot do anything , I mean we are not allowed to plant or cut any plants in the condominal garden but I can ask our gardener to do something about it,Thank you.


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