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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Brenda's Photo Challenge

It has been a long while since the last time I joined in one of  Brenda's Photo Challenges but this one was too interesting to ignore. This time it's an ABC Challenge , we had to look for letters of the alphabet, accidental or on purpose, planned or unintentional, searched for or stumbled upon. This one was really driving me crazy, for days I went around looking for letters in everything I saw ...   I found some in the most unbelievable places and things.

I hope you will visit the other participants' blogs to see what they came up with , they are all very clever, you will find the list on  Brenda's Photo Challenge Blog.

E' passato  molto tempo dall'ultima volta che ho partecipato in una delle sfide di Brenda's Photo Challenges ma questa volta il tema era troppo interessante da ignorare. Questa volta la sfida  riguardava l'alfabeto, si trattava di cercare le lettere dell'alfabeto in posti , cose e ambienti strani. Questo mi stava facendo impazzire, per giorni e giorni sono andato in giro alla ricerca di lettere in tutto quello che vedevo ...  alla fine ho trovato alcune nei posti e nelle cose più impensabili.

Spero che farete un salto anche nei blog degli altri partecipanti  per  vedere che cosa  hanno trovato, sono tutti molto bravi, troverete la lista dei nomi sul blog Brenda's Photo Challenge.

This handle with its shadow makes the letter B.  Well  that is what my imagination suggests.
Questa maniglia con la sua ombra compone la lettera B.  Insomma è quello che  vedo nella mia immaginazione. 

Can you see the letter C in this one? It is actually the handle on an old bronze fruit bowl.
Vedete la lettera C qui? In realtà è il manico di un vecchio centro tavola in bronzo. 

This is my picture for letter D ....  Questa è la mia foto per la lettera D.

Now this yellow pepper looks like a letter G in any way I turned it.
Questo peperone sembra una lettera G  in ogni modo che lo giro.

The left bottom corner of a picture frame is my letter L.
L'angolo inferiore sinistro di una cornice è la mia lettera L.

This is my letter O
Ecco la mia O
And last but not least is my letter X.
This is a section of a trellis I have in my terrace.
E infine ecco la mia lettera X.
Questa è una parte d'un tralliccio che ho nel terrazzo.

I would have loved to find all the letters of the alphabet but I didn't have enough time, anyway I enjoyed this challenge, it was one of the best ones , it was definitely ...

Avrei voluto trovare tutte le lettere dell'alfabeto ma non ho avuto abbastanza tempo, in ogni caso mi sono divertita con questa sfida, è stata una delle migliori ,  come dicono in inglese è stata sicuramente ... 


SUGAR MOON said...

Love the peppers!! You are really creative I couldn't think of anything for this one. Good Job! Have a great weekend.

MarissaDW said...

Susan I love what you did with the letters and spelled out COOL. Especially like the peppers. Excellent job.
Have a nice weekend.

Pat said...

These were all clever! I especially liked the pepper!

Unknown said...

I liked the way you've used the shadow to get the letter B very creative. I agree this has been one of the more fun challenges to do, I tried to get all the letters both upper and lower case still going!

Brenda said...

You did a wonderful job finding some very creative letters!

Doreen said...

WOW Sue what a great challenge you went in for and I think you did excellently well with what you found! Loved how you spelled 'cool' and I think that pepper is really weird but fits the letter G so well!
Thanks for sharing this with us : )

TanjaV said...

:) It's sometimes great to look around and see all different way. You participated to nice challenge :)

Jeanette said...

Great pictures! Lots of people had C's and X's! My favorite of yours is the letter G pepper!

unvololibero said...

ma che interessante. Ci vuole molto spirito d'osservazione!!!
Sei stata bravissima!!!! :) :D
un abbraccio

Out on the prairie said...

Very nice finds.

Donna said...

You found some Wonderful Letters Sue!!

Sue said...

To All!
Thank you very much for all the comments, I am now looking forward to the next challenge.

A tutti!
Grazie per i commenti, non vedo l'ora alla prossima sfida.


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