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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A candle for earthquake victims.
Accendi una candela.

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I have seen that some of my blog friends have lit a candle for the victims of the earthquake in Italy.
I am following their lovely example and have joined a group of persons on this site that have each lit a candle ... there are many candles lit and here is my candle. I used the Italian version.

Anyone can light a candle and leave a message on this site here. All you have to do is click on an unlit candle and then follow the instructions that appear. This entire page groups up all the candles for the victims and population involved in the earthquake.

Ho visto che alcune amiche del blog hanno acceso una candela per le vittime del terremoto. Anche io ho seguito il loro esempio questa candela e anche voi potete accendere una candela virtuale su questo sito qui.
Troverete una pagina intera di candele per le vittime e la popolazione Abbruzzese. Dovete semplicemente cliccare su una candela spenta e poi seguire le indicazioni.

Passate la parola sui vostri blog così anche altre amiche accenderanno una candela. Grazie!


Amber said...

That is very nice to do. It is a horrible tragedy of what happened. I went and lit a candle also.

How do you get the candle transfered to your blog? I tried save as and it didn't work.

Leola - Southshoreartist said...

My heart goes out to all the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Doreen said...

Thanks for posting this, I am following your example and posted a link on my blog too. Praying for all hit by the earthquake.

Nicoletta (Kiky) said...

Grazie, mia cara! Anche una piccola candela è un modo per esprimere solidarietà e vicinanza di affetti!
Trovo che questa iniziativa sia molto suggestiva e commovente, come una fiaccolata virtuale!
Un bacione

Ginger said...

My dear friend going to lite a candle .My heart go's out for all.
I also live in earth quake land(S.Calif.)
May the lord help those who suffer,& Heal those that were hurt.
Big hugs my friend! light ing a candle now.
On a happy note he is lord of lords
Have a wonderful Easter !


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