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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rotten Luck! ---- Iella!

Hello friends!
I have been away from my blog mainly because I haven't anything worth sharing lately. I am just getting over a disappointing experience involving my digital camera. I spent this past weekend in Tuscany with my husband and my son and I was eager to take as many pictures as possible of all the lovely places we were visiting but my camera decided otherwise. After a few shots it suddenly stopped working. This was so very frustrating....  why didn't this happen while I was still home?  No pictures to share! I found out later that the problem was caused by a damaged memory card.
Yesterday I tried 3 different software,  which I downloaded from Internet , in the attempt to recover just a few photos from  the damaged memory card but with no positive result. Pity!!!
I have learnt my lesson... next time I go on a trip I will take 2 memory cards with me and maybe even an extra camera.

Ciao ragazze!
Sono stata via dal blog perchè ultimamente non ho creato niente che posso farvi vedere. Mi sono appena ripresa da una esperienza deludente per colpa della mia macchina fotografica. Ho trascorso questo scorso fine settimana in Toscana con mio marito e mio figlio e mi ero promessa di fare tante foto ma la mia macchina aveva deciso diversamente. Dopo pochi scatti la macchina non funzionava più. Questo era molto frustrante... ha aspettato proprio questa gita per fare i capricci!  Niente foto!  Il problema, ho scoperto dopo, era causato da una scheda dannegiata.
Ieri ho provato 3 diversi software che ho scaricato da Internet nel tentativo di recuperare qualche foto dalla scheda ma era tutto inutile. Peccato!!!
Ho imparato la lezione... la prossima volta che vado da qualche parte mi porterò dietro 2 schede e forse anche una macchina in più.


stefyfor said...

Che peccato quando succedono questi inconvenienti. Pero' i posti ti ramarranno nel cuore. La Toscana e' stupenda.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Oh bad luck Sue, that must have been quite frustrating as well. I hope you still enjoyed your trip though.
best wishes Julie.C

Cinzia said...

Ahiooo...che rabbia quando capitano queste Toscana poi, è tutto uno scatto!

Penny said...

Peccato! sara´ la prossima volta dai...

Loree said...

Oh no, I would be devastated if it happened to me. I suppose modern technology isn't always as reliable as good old film!

Doreen said...

As you know Sue I've already expressed my feelings about this with you. As your friends said here the fact that you enjoyed Tuscany and have memories you made with the family are something to cherish (minus the frustrations of course!)


SUGAR MOON said...

So sorry, but keep the card you may be able to find someone who can help you retrieve them.


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