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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Snow... snow...snow! Neve...neve...neve!

We now have  almost 30cms of snow. As I said in my previous post it started snowing yesterday around 6.00pm and just look what I found this morning when I woke up. This picture shows the same area I photographed yesterday ( see post below this one). That's alot of snow and it is still snowing.

 Adesso abbiamo quasi 30 cm di neve. Come ho scritto nel post di ieri , ha incominciato a nevicare intorno alle 18.00 ieri sera e guardate come si è presentato il nostro giardino/cortile questa mattina.  Ho scattato questa foto nella stessa zona dove ieri ho fatto l'altra foto ( guardare post precedente). C'è tanta neve adesso e continua a nevicare anche se non si vede in queste foto.

Here are some more pictures. I snapped these in the usual backyard/garden.
Ecco altre foto che ho scattato sempre nel nostro giardino/cortile.





Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Wow! Super pictures, we have never had anything like this. Not sure I would want this much as nice as it is to look at, as we live more in a valley its not usually even half of what you have had Sue.
Keep very warm. JulieC xx

vanda said...

lo spettacolo e' bellissimo malgrado il freddo e' neve anche qui a Genova ma non cosi bella !!!
ciao Vanda

Aliza said...

che meraviglia, davvero bellissima.

Doreen said...

What beautiful scenery! I know, I know...lovely to look at but not to be in eh! Well sis stay warm and safe!
Great shots by the way!

Loree said...

I am jealous. It looks so lovely and I long to photograph snow. Maybe one day ...

Nicoletta (Kiky) said...

E' uno spettacolo veramente meraviglioso! La neve è sempre bellissima da vedere (un po' meno da averci a che fare quando devi andare in giro). Ma fa advvero freddissimo!

Angela said...

Wow that is a lot of snow! I'm a little jealous to be honest :o) I do miss it a tiny bit. I was hoping to see some snow in Edinburgh over new years, but we didn't. Grab a blanket, tea and a good book! Remember to stay warm!


Wow ! That is a lot of snow. It is heading our way ! We need the cold to kill off all the nasty flu bugs going around. Take care. Marion x


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